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The oldest luxury leather goods brand Belgian royal Queen brand – michael kors bags on sale.

This brand has a long history to what extent? Burberry count old, it was founded in 1856; Louis Vuitton count the old bar, founded in 1854; Goyard considered old it, founded in 1853; Moynat considered old it, founded in 1849; Hermes considered old It was founded in 1837. But the history of these brands and Delvaux is too young too simple – it was founded in 1829, you know, Belgium independence for the monarchy in 1830, Delvaux is one year older than the country.

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Delvaux since the founder of the early has been a prominent party, access to a public expert, connoisseur’s trust and favor, one of the most dazzling customer is the Belgian royal family. Belgian king Leopold II in 1883 awarded Delvaux “Belgian royal warrants holders” award, since then, Delvaux became the Kingdom of Belgium royalties supplier.

Belgian royal warrants holder’s badge, Delvaux was first honored in 1883.

Delvaux is the first to do luggage. With the 19th century European and Belgian railway network coverage, luggage craftsman Charles Delvaux observation found that: many women in the trip, the need for a personal handbag to install items, so there will be suitable for women’s bags. In 1908, the Delvaux brand patented its own design, which was one of the earliest holders of the global handbag patent. The brand of luggage to handmade skills and luxury materials known for its rare imported leather, including crocodile leather, python leather, lizard leather, ostrich leather, alligator leather, etc., and each bag is accompanied by a marked with its handmade craftsman Teacher name small card.

Delvaux has a “gold book”. Recorded since 1938, all the michael kors handbags outlet design.

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Delvaux brand in their historical files recorded more than 3,000 models of the bag, of which the most classic has three styles. They are: Le Brillant, Le Tempete and Le Madame. If you buy bags for the first time in Delvaux, I prefer to choose from a three sign style to start a start. The three have different styles. Delvaux Gillry is best suited to young and dynamic girls, and three different styles show the charm of women of different ages. Delvaux Gillry is the most suitable for young and energetic girls. In contrast, the first two styles Le Brillant and LeTempete more classic.

Lightly cooked Le Brillant series

This cheap michael kors handbags is designed for the Berlin World Expo in 1958, and it is bad that the former President of the United States, Mrs. Kennedy, made an ambassador for it, and since then it has become synonymous with elegance and elegance, attracting many royal nobles , Ladies star.

Sub-Mini, medium, large, there are special models only large, there are a lot of material and color, is simply the choice of patients with phobia challenge. In general, the number is enough, mini for small girls, diagonal cross chic also.

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Tempete designed in 1967 is also a single handle design, but the handle is not Brillant so dramatic long handle, more 70 years of retro taste. Both sides of the metal buckle is not a real switch, the switch is the middle of the magnet buckle, so it is very convenient to use. This style is worth 100% worth starting, how long will not be out of date, you can pass to your girl, your daughter and then passed to her daughter … This is the advantage of starting the classic section.